Veggie Menu

Veggie Menu


Traditional Japanese dish of seafood(shrimp) or vegetables (yam, pumpkin, asparagus, squash, broccoli, onion) that have been battered and deep fried in light oil. Served with house- made Tempura dipping sauce.


Vegetable Tempura

Agedashi Tofu

Lightly deep-fried tofu served in house-made sauce, with finely chopped spring onion and chopped seaweed sprinkled on top.


Avocado Salad Roll(2pcs)

avocado, lettuce, cucumber and carrot. Served with sweet chili sauce.



Boiled soy beans sprinkled with salt.



Traditional spicy sour Korean cabbage.


Seaweed Salad

A refreshing traditional Japanese wakame(edible seaweed) salad.


Beansprout Salad

Beansprout and carrot slices mixed in salad sauce.


Veggie Sunomono Salad (Seasonal veggies)


Avocado Maki


Cucumber Maki


Yam Roll

Yam and cucumber topped with sesame seeds.


Veggie Roll

Imitation crab meat, avocado, cucumber topped with sesame seeds.


Veggie Combo (15 PCS)

3pcs of inari sushi (Tofupocket), 6pcs of cucumber rolls, 6pcs of avocado rolls.


Vegetable Cone



Vegetable Curry Don

Rice bowl topped with house-made Japanese style vegetable curry.


Veggie Ramen (Kiwado Special)

Creamy and rich veggie broth with mushroom flavor. Served with various of fresh seasonal veggies and inari tofu(seasoned aburaage tofu pouches.)


Please inform your server of any allergies before ordering.

We do not add MSG to any of our food; however, some imported seasonings contain trace amounts of MSG. Tempura batter is made with wheat four, and our soy sauce contains wheat. Most of our foods contain sesame seeds.