Rolls & Maki

8 Piece Rolls

California Roll

Imitation crab meat, avocado, cucumber topped with sesame seeds.

Red Dragon

Shrimp & avocado over crabmeat, cucumber & masago



BC Roll

Grilled salmon skin, avocado, cucumber



Dynamite Roll

Tempura shrimp, fish roe, avocado



Rainbow Roll

California roll wrapped with tuna, salmon & avocado.



Mango Tango

Mango & avocado over tempura shrimp and cucumber.



Volcano Roll (Very Spicy)

Tempura shrimp, asparagus, avocado with spicy sauce.


Alaskan Roll

Tempura shrimp roll wrapped with salmon & avocado.



Philly Roll

Diced salmon, avocado, cream cheese.



Kiwado Roll

Chopped scallops, tobiko, avocado, tempura crumb topped with seared salmon and house-made spicy sauce.



Lobster Roll

Lobster tempura, tobiko, avocado, mango, spicy mayo, scallions.



Tiger Roll

Barbeque eel & avocado over asparagus.



Canada Roll

Salmon, tuna and cucumber topped with tobiko.



Yam Roll

Yam and cucumber topped with tobiko.

$ 7

Veggie Roll

Cucumber, mixed vegetable topped with sesame seeds.

$ 10

6 Piece Small Maki

Salmon or Tuna Maki



Crispy Spicy Salmon or Tuna

Deep fried maki rolls with house-made spicy sauce.

$ 6

Negitoro Maki

Scallions and diced tuna belly


$ 7

Chop-Chop Maki

Chopped scallop, tobiko, mayo.


$ 6

Mexican Maki

Tempura crumbs, avocado, spicy sauce and tobiko.

$ 7

Dragon Eye(5 Pcs)

Deep fried roll with salmon & green onions, topped with spicy sauce.

$ 9

Avocado Maki

$ 4

Cucumber Maki

$ 4

Please inform your server of any allergies before ordering.

We do not add MSG to any of our food; however, some imported seasonings contain trace amounts of MSG. Tempura batter is made with wheat four, and our soy sauce contains wheat. Most of our foods contain sesame seeds.